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March 2, 2014

Inequality Matters: Disparities in Education, Health and Other Dimensions of Human Development ...
Sudan Vision
Income inequality leads to uneven access to health and education and, ... and social opportunities, creating poverty traps, wasting human potential, ...

Oganic Consumers Association Newsletter: Monsanto's'Science' Doesn't Add Up
Food Consumer
But how long can Monsanto ignore the mountingactual scientific evidence that their technology is not only failing to live up to its promises, it's putting ...

Activists Fear Wave of Homophobia
Nigeria: Activists Fear Wave of Homophobia. By Heather Murdock, 28 February 2014. Abuja — Nigerian activists say anti-gay legislation passed this ...

Ten States Where Income Inequality Has Soared
Huffington Post
In an email to 24/7 Wall St., Burkhauser, who has argued against the significance of income inequality said, “Government tax and transfer policies ...

'Sexism In School' The 10-Year-Old Blogger Taking On The System
Huffington Post UK
A campaigning 10-year-old has had her blog about sexism in her school go viral, after she complained about her girl classmates comparing their ...

US Occupiers Privatizing Haitian Island: Violence Against Unarmed Protesters, No Media Coverage
Center for Research on Globalization
In fact, up until recently Ilavach only had two policemen on the Island. But the Obama crew is pushing for more privatization of Haiti assets and wealth.

Grammy's, Macklemore demonstrate white privilege
The Easterner
Growing up in a black household, one thing was always made clear to me: If you want to be successful in this society, you have to do things twice as ...

Hardened Racism in Israel
Bay Area Indymedia
Israeli racism already is institutionalized. On February 24, it got meaner. Fascist Knesset members approved legislation distinguishing between ...

Discrimination, Inc.
Huffington Post
The efforts to give businesses a right to deny women access to contraceptive coverage and to legalize discrimination against gay men and lesbians ...

As Arizona Backs Off Discrimination Bill, Legislation Moves to Other States
Early this week, Arizona state legislature approved a bill that would literally protectdiscrimination against homosexuals in the state under the guise of ...

Housing inequality: The tale of two communities
CNN (blog)
Home values in the top 10% wealthiest communities are worth more than six times that in the bottom 40%, a new survey has found. Put another way ...

Why Is the UK Facilitating Oppression in Bahrain?
Huffington Post UK
Reports of torture, rape, corruption, discrimination and oppression dominate the political landscape. In light of gross human rights violations and ...

The illusion of religious rights versus gay rights
Ottawa Citizen
So stubborn and rampant is homophobia that there may yet be few good times to be gay and few good places. It's a particularly bad year to be gay in ...

Monsanto's Roundup Ready Linked To Kidney Disease [Study]
The Inquisitr
Monsanto's Roundup Ready could be linked to a fatal kidney disease, according to a new study about the popular chemical herbicide. A chronic ...

Report Links Poverty and Electricity Costs in the Southeast
NBC 29 News
An environmental group with roots in Charlottesville has released a report showing a link between povertyand electricity costs in the southeast.

Re-segregation, Black liberation and revolutionary unity
Party for Socialism and Liberation
The persistent racist disparities are in fact a consequence of national oppression. The Party for Socialism and Liberation has always insisted that Black ...

Racial discrimination exists systematically in US: report
BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Racial discrimination exists systematically in U.S. society and the situation of ethnic minorities' human rights is grim, says ...

Remember A Month Ago When the Democrats Cared About Income Inequality?
Huffington Post
In the last two months, income inequality has quietly fallen out of its brief prominent place in the public debate and discussion. It still mentioned by ...

Relearning the Past: Yes, Rising Inequality is Bad for Economic Growth
Mother Jones
Does high income inequality lead to lower economic growth? There are two main reasons to think it might. The first is simple: rich people spend a ...

What Causes Inequality? Systemic and Individual Frames for Racism in Media » Sociological Images
Sociological Images ⋅ Lisa Wade, PhD
Sociologists who study inequality distinguish between individual bias, negative beliefs about a group held by individual persons, and systemic ...
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