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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

  Gen Y women: Sexism exists at work, but not in my office NBCNews.com (blog)
Most millennial women think gender discrimination is still alive and well in the working world — but not necessarily in their own workplace, a new report finds.

Twitter's racist and sexist reaction to Michelle Obama and the ... Salon
There was plenty of glee on Twitter over the prospect of the leader of the free world acting no different than a bored teen at a funeral, but there was also an uglier ...

Pantene Breaks Down Every Sexist Workplace Stereotype in One Ad TIME
What if its not a stereotype or sexism? What if.. the first person you should check is "you" before thinking its everyone else that may be that way. There are plenty ...

A poverty, not education, crisis in US: Column USA TODAY
Poverty is the most relevant factor in determining the outcome of a person's educational journey, and in Finland, the child poverty rate is about 5%. In the U.S. ...

Racism Linked to Infant Mortality and Learning Disabilities The Root
Racism, and its ability to increase the odds that a pregnant mother will deliver her child early, can kill. There is also evidence that racism can alter the capacity for ...

The racism Mandela surmounted is alive and well in modern Ireland Irish Examiner
Racism is a deeply disturbing spectre. It leaves its victims living lives of fear, degradation and a greater likelihood of poverty. If like Nelson Mandela you are ...

Racism Ignites College Protest Portland Observer
Lewis and Clark students and their Black Student Union are calling for more diversity on campus after a string of racist incidents. Despite bitter cold temperatures ...

Canada's injustices against Aboriginal peoples are nothing new Canada First Perspective
What an anti-climax. All it was was another scandalous injustice that Canada had perpetrated against its aboriginal people since Confederation, this time the ...

Gender-based violence in Punjab The Express Tribune
A recent report by Aurat Foundation on Violence against Women stated that the total number of gender-based violence incidents touched 1,650, in Punjab, this ...

Gender pay gap worsens as men here still earning more Irish Independent
The latest data from Luxembourg-based statistics office Eurostat shows Slovenia had the smallest gender pay gap, at 2.3pc, while Estonia weighed in at a hefty ...

To Fox News, Giving Undocumented Students An Affordable ... Media Matters for America (blog)
Fox News continued its campaign against undocumented immigrants getting an affordable college education, railing against a lawsuit in Georgia that asks the ...

Study: Workplace Religious Discrimination on the Rise Charisma News
office workers A new survey found that religious discrimination is rampant in American workplaces, with members of different religions all experiencing prejudice ...

Animals Rights Is Focus of Ghosts in Our Machine Huffington Post
The Ghosts in Our Machine is a powerful new feature documentary about animal rights, made accessible through the photos and personal journey of well-known ...

The 5 Personalities of an Animal Rights Protest One Green Planet
As an animal rights activist, I've participated in my fair share of protests, signature gatherings, political campaigns and more. Some of these efforts have been a ...

Racism costs US billions every year Frost Illustrated
The study titled, “The Business Case for Racial Equity” looks at the legacy of racism in the United States and how addressing racial disparities would have a ...

Children Of Undocumented Immigrants Deliver Letters To Republicans Talk Radio News Service
Children Of Undocumented Immigrants Deliver Letters To Republicans. “We miss our mom every day,” Javier Ortega said. “By not passing immigration reform ...

'The Wire' Creator David Simon Goes On EPIC Rant Against Inequality Huffington Post
But the former Baltimore Sun reporter and screenwriter may have outdone himself, however, when he delivered an epic address on American inequality.

Indigenous Peoples Declaration at WTO parallel workshop UNPO
... Indigenous Peoples made a strong statement against neoliberal globalization. ... to resist neoliberal globalization and assert our right to Self-Determination.

Nine things white people can do to help transform South Africa Thought Leader
By examining our history and not denying it we will understand how the past resulted in white privilege at the expense of an entire nation of people and how this ...

Xenophobia, national intolerance grow in Russia - Federal Migration ... Russia Beyond The Headlines
"Unfortunately, more cases of intolerance and xenophobia can be observed, which eventually leads to an escalation of inter-ethnic disputes," Romodanovsky ...

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